Composite Products


Build dynamic, complex product kits and build-to-order assemblies by compositing existing products.

A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the plugin will require a licence key in order for you to receive updates and support.

Build dynamic, complex product kits and build-to-order assemblies by compositing existing products.

With “Composite Products”, WooCommerce allows you to create sophisticated, dynamic product kits by compositing existing products. The powerful Composite Product type makes building even the most complex product kit a breeze, while the configuration and purchase of Composite Products is natural and intuitive.

New Composite Products can be created by defining Components and selecting existing simple or variable products as Component Options. For ultimate flexibility, Composite Components may be marked as optional and min/max quantities may be defined. Additionally, the powerful “Scenarios” feature makes it possible to define detailed dependencies between Component Options, adding amazing depth and complexity to Composites. To learn more about Scenarios, check out the documentation!

The “Composite Products” extension has been designed to make the purchasing experience as straightforward as possible – every Component is presented clearly and can be configured by choosing one of the available product options. After choosing options and selecting quantities for all Components, a configured Composite can be added to the cart as usual. Stock management for Composites and composited products works naturally and intuitively: If the chosen configuration includes products that are out of stock, the Composite cannot be purchased.


  • Create and sell complex, dynamic Product Kits and build-to-order Composite Products by defining their basic Components and assigning their Component Options.
  • Choose Component Options by selecting any number of existing simple or variable products.
  • Define min and max quantities for each Component.
  • Add Component Discounts.
  • Mark Components as optional.
  • Define complex Component Option dependencies using Scenarios, a handy feature that allows you to create selection constraints based on compatibility criteria.
  • Keep track of stock, as expected: Products sold in Composite Products are properly stock-managed, while Composite Products themselves can have their own inventory, too.
  • Choose between multiple Composite display styles.
  • Choose between 2 different pricing modes: Composite Products may be given a flat price, or may be priced according to the selected Component Options, by adding Component Option prices on top of a Composite Base Price.
  • Shipping flexibility: Composited products may be shipped as an item with new physical properties, may keep their individual shipping properties, or may not be shipped at all.
  • Simple, user-friendly interface, seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce.


The “Composite Products” extension is ideal for creating product Kits and Assemblies with dynamic, complex product content, allowing customers to select different product alternatives and adjust quantities for every defined Component. If the products and quantities that you wish to bundle are static and have no compatibility dependencies, then consider using the “Product Bundles” extension, which is easier to work with. Static and dynamic combos and bundles can also be created with the “Chained Products” extension. Before deciding which extension is best for your particular application, it is advised to study all available documentation and always keep an eye out for new features.

Can’t figure out which extension is right for your store? We’ve written a handy comparison to help you decide.

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