Product Add-ons


Allow your customers to customise your products by adding input boxes, dropdowns or a field set of checkboxes.

A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the plugin will require a licence key in order for you to receive updates and support.

Easily create additional product personalization options

Allow your customers to customise your products by adding new options such as input boxes, dropdowns or checkboxes. With the Product Add-ons extension, gift messages, donations, laser engraving and any other product which may require user input in some way is now an option for your customers!

Product add-ons supports required fields, text areas, checkboxes, radios, select boxes, custom price inputs and file upload boxes.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 13.29.09

Add-ons can be added globally or per-product from the edit product page – they can be named described, re-ordered and optionally given prices which will automatically be added to the product price if chosen by the customer. This extension also works with the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to add additional pricing with your options to the recurring subscription.

Once set up they will appear on products just above the add to cart form:

Example of an add to cart form

Example of an add to cart form

Please note: Product Add-ons work globally and at product level. Add-ons cannot be defined for individual variations conditionally.