About our code and our community.

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This page is not about self promotion

WooThemes is passionate about the freedoms of open source and the opportunity it enables. Open source is all encompassing though, beyond lines of code. It's a mantra we live by.


WordPress core contributions

We’re proud to be a WordPress company - we live and breathe all things WordPress. We want to ensure the continued success of our favourite open source project, and have helped contribute many lines of code.

Our WordPress.org profile. Check out all our WordPress projects.

WordCamp & event sponsorships

Across the world, we sponsor community events every month - we love being able to share and listen to stories from smart individuals and companies within our industry. Look out for a friendly ninja at a WordCamp near you.

Apply for Sponsorship. Please contact us to see if we’re a fit for your event.

WooThemes Loves Open Source

With WooThemes itself being built on top of open source software, WooThemes strives to interact with the community to develop and maintain a variety of projects. Get involved with our projects on Github. Fork away.

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Charities we’ve helped

We’re a proudly bootstrapped company thats been able to report profits since our inception. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we realise the importance of our social responsibilities.

Here are some of the local causes we believe in and have helped enable. We encourage you to browse their websites to view the work they are doing in our local communities.

'For the Cause' &
IgnitionDeckGrow Academy

Helping you fund your startup

For the Cause & IgnitionDeck enables you to easily setup your own crowdfunding website. If you are a charity looking for a tailor-made solution to showcase and fundraise your projects, get in touch with us for special discounts.

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