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Shipment of super sweet shipping supplements for your store

May 31, 2012 - 39 Comments

This week the WooLabs are delivering a shipping themed drop with new extensions for some popular Couriers in the UK and South Africa, plus an extension to the core Local Pickup method & shipment tracking.

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WooDojo Day: The Muso Edition… and more

May 30, 2012 - 12 Comments

As has become known here at WooThemes HeadQuarters, Wednesday is “Dojo Day”, where we release a bunch of exciting new features downloadable through WooDojo, or provide updates and feedback on WooDojo, upcoming features and useful tips and insights into ways WooDojo can be used to enhance your WordPress-powered website.

This week is no exception.

This week’s “Dojo Day” releases are widely spread across the spectrum, from a donations form for freelancers, non-profit organizations (or anyone, in fact) to a collection of widgets for musicians and music lovers and an extension of the bundled WooDojo Tabs widget. Without further wait, we present to you, “WooDojo Downloadables: The Muso Edition… and more”.

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7 more WooCommerce extensions

May 24, 2012 - 60 Comments

This week we’ve prepared 7 brand new extensions including 3 gateways, product comparisons, sequential order numbers, email follow-ups and chained products. Take a look:

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WooSidebars evolves – integrates with WooCommerce

May 23, 2012 - 26 Comments

When we launched WooDojo just over a month ago, a new product was released as our first “WooDojo-Released” product. This product is our WooSidebars plugin.

For those not yet using WooDojo, WooSidebars is a new plugin that has been developed from the ground up to be able to customise the widget areas in a theme, according to a context, without any code… in any theme that contains dynamic widget areas (which, today, is most themes).

WooSidebars version 1.1.0

This week sees WooSidebars evolve with a version 1.1.0 update. This update brings with it several enhancements, including further integration with our popular WooCommerce plugin, currently powering many WordPress online stores. WooSidebars now contains functionality, if WooCommerce is active, to create customised widget areas for each of the WooCommerce pages, specific products, product categories, product tags and products in specific categories or with specific tags. This provides even more granular control over what content is displayed in the widget areas in different areas of your website.

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Case study: The LAB Anti-mall

May 21, 2012 - 20 Comments

Greg Douglas shares his experience working with our Buro theme for a client project and how he designed a completely custom, visual site based on it.

My name is Greg Douglas. I am the Art Director at Domestic Equity Studio. A digital media and graphic design studio based in Southern California. And this is a case study for The LAB anti-mall website.

“The LAB” is a unique outdoor shopping mall in Costa Mesa CA. The LAB stands out in it’s vision for what an Orange County retail space can be by incorporating an eclectic collection of artistic expression and baking it right into the design of the stores and the common areas. The challenge for us was to design an online presence equally unique to this destination shopping location. When The LAB approached Domestic Equity Studio to redesign their online presence they had two primary objectives. Design-wise they wanted the site to capture the essence of a home-made, in the garage feel and to avoid a traditional corporate look. And technically they wanted a website that better integrated their social media and to be designed with a backend they could easily update in-house.

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Helping you sell digital goods

May 17, 2012 - 62 Comments

Today’s drop is a significant one as it’s geared around targeting a particular niche that we feel deserves some attention. Designed in-house by pixel wrangler Jay Koster ‘Capital’ is a WooCommerce theme which has been designed specifically to sell digital products. There are options to strip functionality right back which makes this the perfect theme for boutique software agencies. Capital has also been fully optimised for use on hand-held, touch screen devices.

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WooDojo version 1.1.1 security update released

May 11, 2012 - 19 Comments

In recent hours, a potential exploit has been brought to our attention in our screen and model loading logic in WooDojo.

Thus, we have released WooDojo version 1.1.1, a security update to remedy this issue. This update is required for all users of WooDojo and is automatically available for express download via the “Dashboard > Updates” screen in your WordPress installation.

Your security and experience with WooDojo is of paramount importance to us. We are, therefore, working on further securing WooDojo in order to enhance your experience with the product.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused here.

WooCommerce Episode 1.5.5: Return of the Ninja

May 10, 2012 - 39 Comments

The fires in the WooLabs have been little more than glowing embers these last couple of weeks. We’ve put aside our lab coats and been up on deck helping steady the mothership. But in our time of need we heeded a great man who once prophetically exclaimed “I’ll be back!”… and now, so are we. And we’ve brought gifts!

This week we’re releasing 4 payment gateways (including the much anticipated PayPal Express), a brand new and much enhanced product importer suite, as well as two nifty product extensions.

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WooDojo 1.1 – now with Instagram (and other new features)

May 9, 2012 - 37 Comments

As promised in our WooDojo retrospective blog post, the WooTeam have been working on a bunch of new and exciting features and updates to WooDojo that we’ve been itching to release to you all. Despite our recent downtime, the WooDojo train is moving as fast as ever, with a queue of features in the pipeline. Today’s blog post is no different.

WooDojo version 1.1- now with Instagram!

WooDojo version 1.1 includes 2 new widgets in the “WooDojo – Social Widgets” bundle; an Instagram Profile and an Instagram Photo Stream widget. These 2 new widgets provide and quick and easy way to display your latest Instagram photographs or statistics in your sidebar.

The Instagram widgets in WooDojo

We’re certain those of you who are photographers and Instagram users will benefit greatly from this addition to the WooDojo bundled features. Instagram widgets are an upgrade away. :)

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Framework shortcode exploit has been fixed

April 29, 2012 - 227 Comments

There are a few tweets going around about an exploit in our WooFramework. It happens to be making news around the same time we were hacked so naturally it could cause some hysteria about a possible link between the two and a vulnerability on our user’s sites. Rest assured there is no link and the exploit was actually fixed a few days before our website was hacked. 

We have however issued another update to the WooThemes framework (V5.3.11 V5.3.12) to tighten the security of our themes even further. We recommend all users update their themes to the latest version, it’s really easy. Click the “Update Framework” button in our theme framework in the WP backend to grab and install the latest version.

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We’re alive and kicking

April 27, 2012 - 84 Comments

It’s been an incredibly tough few days at WooThemes, for ourselves and a lot of our users trying to use our services. We were hacked, and badly. Our lifeblood, the WooThemes database, and all the content on our server was deleted. Not only that, but the backups were deleted and all traces of how they got onto our server too. Leaving us with scraps to work from in re-building the mothership.

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Case study: Rooted

April 20, 2012 - 11 Comments

Maya Benari shares her experience working with the Listings theme for a client site wanting to showcase real food recipes.

ROOTED: Real food for an active lifestyle

Hi everybody! I’m Maya Benari, a designer and web developer based in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been happily working with WooThemes for over 2 years and am so excited to share the ROOTED website with you all.

When I first saw the African Cartel site last year, I was inspired by how a complete transformation of Listings could provide positive change for South African street artists, create a fully integrated experience that showcases and promotes their art, and ultimately provide a conduit to enhance their lives. With this in mind, I thought a similar integration could work pretty well for food too!

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WooDojo: One week in the future

April 18, 2012 - 21 Comments

Last week saw the launch of WooDojo, a “functionality suite” for enhancing any WordPress-powered website with the WooThemes features you need. Now 7 days into the future, we thought we’d recap on the last week having WooDojo available to the world.

The response from the WooCommunity, and WordPress user community at large, has been really positive, with WooDojo having been received well all-round. With over 7000 downloads in it’s first 24 hours, and over 12,000 downloads in it’s first week, WooDojo is steadily making a name for itself. We released WooDojo version 1.0.1 shortly after launch to iron out the one or two bugs that were reported to us in the WooDojo support forum. Aside from the feedback and one or two bug reports, we’ve had one or two queries for documentation on how to use and tailor WooDojo to suit your needs.

WooDojo Documentation

Low and behold, today sees the release of the WooDojo documentation.

The WooDojo documentation includes a detailed user guide which includes instructions for installing, upgrading and getting started with your first steps in using WooDojo. We’ve also included detailed information on each of the bundled features within WooDojo and a few tips on resolving common issues when getting off the ground. This documentation will be updated periodically as new features are developed, as well as include tutorials and snippets for enhancing WooDojo’s features in ways that may not be clear at the outset.

View the WooDojo Documentation

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The fun continues, WooCommerce 1.5.4, bundle and Merchant child theme!

April 17, 2012 - 22 Comments

We launched some great new projects last week and the WooLabs are keen to extend that excitement into this week too! Today we’ve 3 announcements for your enjoyment:

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Responsive design with layout controls. Meet Merchant.

April 12, 2012 - 54 Comments

Merchant is the brain child of our in-house pixel wrangler Mr Cobus Bester. His idea was to design a theme with a unique adaptive layout with advanced customization controls, to help equally highlight all the business modules of our popular themes, along with the capabilities of showcasing a portfolio, blog and mini-features with JS Masonry. Think of it as an alternative to some of the popular hosted solutions for designers showcasing portfolios and selling prints.

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Incoming: WooCommerce extension drop!

April 5, 2012 - 14 Comments

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated 100,000 downloads of WooCommerce and promised to maintain the momentum we’ve generated in our first 6 months. On monday we welcomed Coen to the Labs and while we’ve been helping him learn the ropes this week, we’re still excited to deliver 4 new extensions taking us very close to a milestone 100 total!

This week we have 2 new payment gateways, a Brazilian shipping method and an exciting enhancement to our layered navigation widget.

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