Ajax Layered Navigation


Ajax enabled layered nav widgets for your store

A subscription enables access to the product, updates and support for one year from the date of purchase. Every site installation requires a subscription key.

Ajax-Enabled, Enhanced Layered Navigation

The ajax-enabled, layered navigation extension for WooCommerce provides a richer user-experience for your customer and is particularly well-suited for stores that have a lot of variable products or products with a number of attributes.

Not only does the layered navigation use ajax calls to reload content on the page, but the extension also provides a number of additional user-interface elements for the layered navigation, such as color swatches, size selectors and checkboxes. These useful options help you create a more meaningful, interactive experience for your user.

Color Picker

Instead of just link filters, you can now offer your customers filterable color swatches, size selectors as well as checkboxes. All of these used in combination create an easy to use layered navigation that’ll definitely help your customers find what they’re looking for.

There’s no need to worry about impact to SEO because the plugin preserves the attribute links as well.

Coupled with an easy to use, intuitive setup, this extension really is a must-have for the store owner looking for a way to make their shop stand-out.