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Magnus Jepson


From the fjords of Norway, I co-founded WooThemes because of my passion for web design. Together with the leadership team, I'm at the helm of the WooShip. Outside work I love fly fishing and surfing, and I'm also a scratch golfer.

Mark Forrester


Howzit. I'm proudly located in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. With a background in digital design I now spend most my time managing the Woo machine and all the exciting projects we have undergo. I'm also a keen photographer, new dad and avid sports fan.

Andrew Benbow

WooCommerce Support Lead

I'm a UK based developer who has spent the last 10 years working on e-commerce websites for small businesses. I've been involved with WooCommerce since, well, before it was WooCommerce and I developed several plugins before joining the Woo Team as a support ninja specializing in WooCommerce support. I split my time between the UK and the US and when I'm not working I'm watching F1 or Baseball, go Reds!

Barry Kooij

WooCommerce Developer

Hi! I'm a web and software developer from The Netherlands. At Woo I work on WooCommerce core and extensions. I also like contributing to open source projects, attending and speaking at WordCamps and meetups.

Nicola Mustone

WooCommerce Ninja

Howdy, i'm Nicola, simply "D" for friends. I'm a WordPress developer and WooNinja from Italy, in love with customer support here at WooThemes. I love any dance, Hip Hop, Caribbeans, Latinos and Standards. When i'm not dancing or helping you on the Helpdesk, i'm in the woods playing soft-air.

Warren Holmes

Chief Marketing Officer

Hey there, I'm a recovering Java developer who fell in love with the world of web development. I specialize in PHP and Javascript, and I'm not too bad with HTML and CSS. I'll be in charge of the new WooThemes website, and will be helping out in creating some great WordPress themes soon.

Jeff Pearce

Senior Developer

Most know me online as Jeffikus, I've been working with WordPress for 7 years and a developer at Woo for 5. I used to work on our Learning Management plugin, Sensei, but I'm currently part of our Theme Team. Code is beautiful!

Gerhard Potgieter

Lead Developer

Hi, I am a Web Developer and WordPress enthusiast from Cape Town, South Africa. I have been developing extension for WooCommerce since it went live. At WooThemes I am the lead developer on our mothership, I also contribute towards WooCommerce a lot, and when I have some spare time on my hands I enjoy home brewing and exploring all sorts of craft beers.

Sven Hutchinson

Support Ninja

Hi, I am originally from Manchester England, but I am usually somewhere else in the world. In 2013 you'll find me mainly in Asia. I love the direction that WordPress and WooThemes are going in, and I am honoured to be part of such a WooAwesome team. You'll find me tinkering round in the support area, helping you out with all your needs. Say hi any time!

Dominique Rossouw

Office Superhero

Hello! I manage the daily operations at WooHQ and ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Apart from managing the Woo base I am a board member of a local animal rescue group and in my spare time can be found surrounded by four legged friends of the doggy variety.

Daniel Dudzic

Support Technician

Hi there! I'm Daniel from Poland. I'm an educated violinist, huge design and typography enthusiast, Apple product lover, Yerba Mate freak, and of course a WordPress believer. At Woo I'm responsible for the support forum ninjitsu!

Stuart Duff

Support Team Lead

Hi! My name is Stuart and I am from Glasgow, Scotland. I'm a WordPress addict that loves all things WordPress, CSS, HTML, PHP and of course WooThemes. You will find me helping you out with support requests and customizations with the rest of our fantastic support staff.

Dwain Maralack


Hi ! my name is Dwain, I live in Port Elizabeth (ZA). I started developing custom WordPress solutions a few years ago and love being involved with the open source community. At WooThemes I have joined forces with other awesome support ninjas to make sure that you remain a very happy Woo customer.

Michael Tieso

WooCommerce Ninja

Hi! My name is Michael and I love to travel. I've circled the globe a few times and visited over 30 countries. I like to write about my adventures and encourage others to travel. When I'm not traveling, I'm making the world a better place with WooCommerce.

Job Thomas

Education and Training Manager

Hallo! I'm a Belgian living in Cape Town with a passion for education, training and WordPress, trying to combine the three at WooThemes. In my spare time I run an e-zine called CULTURESHOCK, and enjoy movies, music, photography, reading, travelling, good food and (Belgian) beer.

Ryan Ray

AV Ninja

Hi there! Legally my name is Ryan but I've earned nick names such as The Cannon and Heisenberg. I'll respond to all three so choose which one you enjoy best. I'm here at WooThemes working super hard in Pre-Sales and Accounts making sure you know what product(s) will help your dreams come true. I also am a self proclaimed A/V Ninja working in Team A/V to create amazing videos promoting and explaining our products.

Michael Krapf

Chief Happiness Officer

Hello! I'm a father, husband, obsessed with continuous improvement, and addicted to Woo! I enjoy reading, learning, helping others and look forward to meeting you in support.

Hugh Lashbrooke

Lead Developer

I've been kicking around in WordPress for a good few years now and I absolutely love working with it. At WooThemes I'm the lead developer for Sensei as well as a number of our WooCommerce extensions. I am also heavily involved in my local WordPress community where I organise meetups, hackathons and our annual WordCamp.

Joel Bronkowski

Business Development Manager

Howdy! I lived in the same 5 mile radius for 20 years before falling in love with South Africa. Who would've thought Woo HQ would be located right down the street. I was first introduced to WooThemes upon launching a WooCommerce store selling Apple accessories. I am now heading up Business Development here at Woo and loving it. I manage all partnerships and form part of the leadership team. I look forward to serving the Woo community and helping build this business.

Remi Corson


Hey! My name is Remi and i am a WooCommerce support technician from France. I am also a plugin developer for WordPress and guess what? I love code! When i'm not answering your tickets i may be playing the guitar or practicing kitesurf.

Roy Ho


Hey there! I am a WordPress developer living out of sunny state California. I am also a WooCommerce support Ninja here at WooThemes. My passion is in technology and anything related to it. When I am away from support duties, you can definitely find me in the gym pumping some iron. Health and fitness is definitely an anchor to prolonging life as a computer nerd sitting on the chair all day long!

Patrick Rauland


Hi! My name is Patrick and I love figuring out the way things work which means that I love looking through code and geting to the bottom of tricky little bugs. When I'm done inspecting things with my computer I love being outside or doing yoga.

Mike Jolley


Hi! I'm a developer/designer and WP evangelist from the UK. I love extending the functionality of WP and pushing what it can do. I'll be responsible for some exciting stuff at Woo; developing themes and plugins, WooCommerce and experimenting with top secret projects deep down in the Woo Labs.

Tiago Noronha


Ola! I am Tiago, a Web Designer, Developer and General Geek from Coimbra, Portugal. I joined WooThemes in late 2008 and many things have changed since those first days. I spend most of my days working on new themes, doing theme maintenance and helping the rest of team wherever I can.

James Koster


Sup! I'm a twenty-something year old designer from the UK. I've been working with WordPress since version 1.x and my travels have lead me down a path of eCommerce and App design. At Woo I'm responsible for the design and development of themes in those disciplines as well as managing the direction of the Woo Labs.

Maria Scarpello

Internal Community Manager

Hi! I'm Maria, the Internal Community Manager at WooThemes! I help out with documentation, pre-sales and account questions. When I'm not helping customers at Woo I'm out traveling the US in my RV! You can follow along my travels @TheRoamingPint Cheers!

Dan Johnson

Sensei Product Lead

Hi, I'm Dan, from Sheffield in the UK. I've been a huge fan of WordPress for years, and I love what WooThemes is doing to make WordPress even more awesome and easy for anyone to use. At Woo, I'm the product lead for our LMS plugin - Sensei.

Matty Cohen

Chief Product Officer

I'm a web developer & WordPress enthusiast. While training as a graphic designer, I fell in love with making things work and the world of code. I take care of product and look after TeamDev at WooThemes. I'm all about pushing boundaries & making the "impossible" possible. Lover of punk rock, guitars and old cartoons.

Cobus Bester

Designer & Front-end Developer

I have a great passion for good design, and pride myself in the attention to detail. I'm designing in Photoshop, slicing themes into XHTML and CSS, doing some basic WordPress stuff, theme maintenance, and helping out where ever else I am needed!

Bryce Adams

WooCommerce Ninja

Hi! I’m Bryce and I’m a WordPress addict. I’ll be around solving all of your WooCommerce problems and making your life easier! When I’m not developing WordPress plugins or helping you out, I’m travelling around the world, taking my motorbike for a spin and thinking of new projects to code.

Sean Cull

WooCommerce Ninja

Hi! I'm Sean, a WooCommerce Support Ninja who lives in the land of maple syrup and poutine (Canada). I love working with technology, especially WordPress. Outside of work, I'm an amateur foodie, confirmed movie buff, avid soccer fan, and NFL newbie.

Erica Kuschel

Support Ninja

Howdy! Howdy! My name is Erica and I hail from Austin, Texas. I have been involved with the blogging world for over 10 years and with Wordpress products since 2008. When I'm not glued to my computer, I'm an avid traveler, painter, sculptor, and hula hooper. You can always follow my adventures at Over Yonderlust.

Danny Santoro

Special Ops Ninja

Hey everyone! I'm a Cincinnati born and raised movie fanatic with an obsession for tech, code, and anything with a current, switch, or explosion. In the daytime I love web design, video production, and general business online. I even make movies - fun!

Claudio Sanches


Hi, I'm a PHP developer from Brazil, I love WordPress and I have developed many plugins and open source projects in last years, where much went to WooCommerce. Here at Woo I work with WooCommerce and extensions.

Kevin Bates

Technical Marketer

I'm a traffic and conversion specialist from Santa Cruz, CA. I love traveling, my dog, and testing and tweaking sales funnels. In fact, there's a good chance this bio is being split tested to see which variation gets me more followers on Twitter.

Tommy Shellberg

WooCommerce Ninja

Hello! I'm originally from Phoenix, Arizona but now reside in beautiful Denver, Colorado. When I'm not providing help with support requests I'm usually making music, reading, or studying design.

Marina Pape

Community Manager

Howdy. I live in London, the land of tea and Jane Austen, but was born and bred in Cape Town. I studied English, Psychology and Marketing which led me down the Social Media rabbit hole where I've been for over 4 years. Words and connecting with people are my passions. I also like the sea, reading and singing.

Will Brubaker

WooCommerce Ninja

Howdy, I'm Will. I'm originally from the wild western US state of Wyoming but these days you're more likely to find me exploring far-flung corners of the earth. I have an obsession with learning new and different things. I enjoy skiing, surfing, bacon, and beer. I love all things WordPress and have a firm belief in its power to change lives. Nothing would thrill me more than to be able to help you pursue your dreams by harnessing the power of WordPress and WooThemes' products.

Kai Suess

Support Ninja

Hi, I'm a WordPress Developer and Support Tech from Austin, TX with a passion for solving problems and explaining things.  Little known secret: I was a ninja before I joined the Woo Team and became a Support Ninja- well, it's not really a secret anymore, is it? I'm addicted to coffee and cats, and enjoy playing a good RPG or writing ridiculously long Sci Fi / Fantasy fiction in my spare time- if my cat lets me.


WooCommerce Ninja

I am a Developer in Bangalore located in the south of India . I love learning new concepts and contributing to open source projects. I have been using WordPress for the last 5 years and going down the rabbit hole in Plugin and Theme development. Besides WordPress I am passionate about travelling and reading. As a Woo Support Ninja, I am responsible for supporting WooCommerce at WooThemes .

Mindy Postoff

WooCommerce Ninja

Hi there! Originally from Toronto, Canada, I've also lived in Germany and Thailand, with plans to settle in the U.S.I've got an extensive background in technical support and love the use of metaphors when explaining solutions. I also love cooking, photography and all sorts of sports. I'm an avid traveller, blogging about my adventures at Bounding Over Our Steps.

Andrew Wikel

WooCommerce Ninja

Hey! My name is Andrew, and I am a geek. I'm committed to open source values, and love working with WordPress. I fell in love with WordPress in 2008, and have been working with it in some capacity since then. I am a husband, a father, a WordCamp addict, a coffee snob, lover of things shiny, and a California native trapped in Illinois.

Gareth Allison

Junior Designer

From the small town of East London in the Eastern Cape here in South Africa; I have a front-end dev background to my name. I love comedy, music, hounds & writing, and played/toured in bands for over ten years before focusing more on the comedy side of things. I'm here at Woo to help out with marketing, design, a bit of writing and whatever else I can get my hands dirty with. Hi!

Louise Shone

Account Manager

I’m an extreme coffee drinker, a magazine junkie and a series addict. Although I’m a born and bred “Natalian” (that’s what they call us KZN imports here in Cape Town), I’ve recently succumbed to the allure of yoga, but hopefully won’t go full-blown hipster just yet. I do still support the Sharks after all. When I’m not Woo-ing it up, I’m something of a sports junkie, particularly those of the racket-wielding variety, and I love exploring new recipes, finding new music and investigating the ins and outs of the Mother City.

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